Shotgun Proves Sub-Optimal For Busting Nut

You know how it's always the last lugnut you can't remove when you're in a hurry to get the Lincoln rolling again? You try every leverage trick known to Archimedes, hose everything down with Liquid Wrench, the works, but that obstinate nut just won't turn. Now, most of us would probably get an impact wrench involved… » 11/13/07 8:00am 11/13/07 8:00am

Popper Popped For 111MPH, Vast Hidden Arsenal

Blues Traveler singer John Popper was in a helluva hurry in his Mercedes SUV, mashing pedal to metal to the tune of 111 miles per. Members of the Washington State law enforcement community weren't all that happy about the 13 firearms stashed in various hidden compartments about the vehicle, and the discovery of… » 3/08/07 7:30am 3/08/07 7:30am

Loaded Guns, Cars in the Beehive State

Given the state's high Mormon population and weak beer, Utah probably worries less about loaded drivers than many other states. But the latest argument in the state with the self-proclaimed "greatest snow on Earth" revolves around loaded guns in cars. While 60,000 Utahns legally carry loaded guns in their vehicles by… » 11/14/05 3:53pm 11/14/05 3:53pm