Fire Arrow In Action

Back when we had the 1980 Plymouth Fire Arrow DOTS, commenter and Project Car Hell Poster Child SeanKHotay included a link to the image above in the comments. Our laughter at the rebadged Celeste's inherent Malaiseness suddenly seemed inappropriate. Our memories, they are like elephants', and thus we now offer you a… » 2/26/08 3:30pm 2/26/08 3:30pm

1980 Plymouth Fire Arrow, With Bonus Malaise Louver Poll

I spotted this car just a few minutes after shooting the '54 Chevy, and I must admit I was far more excited over the 27-year-old Plymouth than I was with 53-year-old Chevrolet. At first glance, the Fire Arrow seems to be just another tape-striped Late Malaise turd in disco colors, but lurking under its oxidized,… » 1/15/08 9:00am 1/15/08 9:00am