The Euro Slot Car Championships Are So Ridiculously Stupid Fast

I like speed. I understand speed. I really do. But at some point, something gets to be so fast that everything about it, including life itself, becomes completely meaningless. It induces existential crisis. This is the Slot Car Racing European Championship, and it is not the slot cars you played with as a kid. »5/01/15 12:00pm5/01/15 12:00pm

Finnish Navy Drops Depth Charges Near Foreign Submarine Off Helsinki

In an incident that is highly reminiscent of Sweden’s phantom sub hunt last fall, the Finnish Navy has detected a foreign sub in its littoral waters near Helsinki, and it is not playing nice trying to get rid of it. Depth charges have been dropped to let the sub’s crew know that the people on the surface are on to… »4/28/15 3:55pm4/28/15 3:55pm

The Gorgeous White Hell Where They Test Your Winter Tires

Spanning over more than 1,700 acres, the Ivalo Testing Center, or as they call it, “White Hell,” is the place where Finland’s snow tire maker, Nokian Tyres, tests their winter tires in extreme conditions, using over 20 different snowy or icy test tracks, including the world largest indoor ice rink. »4/01/15 4:23pm4/01/15 4:23pm

Flat Out At White Hell, The Northernmost Car Testing Center In The World

Nokian Tyres introduced winter tires in 1934 in Finland, and eighty years later – when they aren't chasing ice speed records on frozen lakes – they are still busy testing tires flat out while looking for reindeer on the biggest and coldest playground you've ever seen. Welcome to White Hell. »3/17/15 2:55pm3/17/15 2:55pm