Get Your Racing Name With Finland's New Name Generator

There are few rules that are universal to literally every type of motor racing. One of them is that if you want to win, you have to have a Finn. All the great drivers have been Finnish – Mika Hakkinen, Tomi Makinen, Dale Earnhardt (look it up). Thankfully, you can now get your very own Finnish name, too. » 3/19/14 3:00pm 3/19/14 3:00pm

How Finland Taxed Its Ice Cream Trucks To Death

All across the great Finnish land full of Finns called Finland last week there was much crying and weeping and gnashing of teeth, as the nation effectively taxed ice cream trucks out of existence, in Finland. Woe be unto the child (or grown man, I don't want your judgments) who wants ice cream delivered by truck. » 9/14/13 10:00am 9/14/13 10:00am