Seven Ways The Financial Crisis Will Affect Car Buyers

The most cliched phrase so far during this financial crisis has been "what happens on Wall Street affects Main Street," and nowhere is this truer than for that large car dealership located on Main Street, which will have to adapt to the new market in ways that will seriously impact car buyers. While not all of the… »10/06/08 2:00pm10/06/08 2:00pm


Government May Delay $25 Billion For Automakers Until Mid-2010

Apparently the Department of Energy is really slow when it comes to writing checks, as the Detroit News »9/26/08 3:30pm9/26/08 3:30pm now reports that Detroit automakers may not get their recently approved until mid-way through 2010. DOE spokesperson Healy Baumgardner said "there are a number of legal and administrative requirements with which…