GM Share Prices Go Retro In Search Of Better Times, Wagoner Hits YouTube To Shore Up Confidence

Ford's trading at a price lower than a gallon of gas today »10/09/08 3:40pm10/09/08 3:40pm, but how's their publicly-traded Detroit-based buddy doing on Wall Street this week? The reports in the past five days of stock trading, General Motors has lost more than a quarter of its value, closing at $6.91 Wednesday (and dropping below $5 a share…


Motorsports Race Tracks Make Out Big In $700 Billion Bailout

One of the so-called "sweeteners" added to the financial markets bailout bill that passed the Senate Tuesday night was an obscure provision allowing motorsports race track owners to write off the cost of their facilities over seven years. Apparently the IRS has been trying to extend the track write-off period to 15… »10/03/08 9:40am10/03/08 9:40am