The Struggling Sauber F1 Team Is Someone Else's Problem Now

The Sauber Formula One team has been struggling with cash for a while, most notably at the beginning of last year, when they contracted more drivers than they had seats because if two drivers’ money is good, more drivers’ cash must be better. So, to avoid that, a Swiss investment firm called Longbow Finance SA just…


Not Even The 100th Indianapolis 500 Could Boost IndyCar's Sad Grid

IndyCar may need to take a good, long look at its shrinking grid this year. If not even the 100th running of its most famous race can buck the trend of teams scaling back, there may be an issue. Case in point, the all-female Grace Autosport effort, who wasn’t on the entry list because they couldn’t get a car.

Formula One Might Replace Ferrari's Home Grand Prix With New Race In Las Vegas

“I don’t think we have to have an Italian Grand Prix,” misguided elf-king of Formula One and infinitely wrong man Bernie Ecclestone told The Daily Mail. Tifosi, it’s time to get out those pitch forks and torches. Monza—historic wonderland and Ferrari’s home race Monza—could be replaced by Las Vegas.

Renault Purchase Of Lotus Formula One Team Will Be Finally Finalized

After dragging through a season full of late freight shipments and unpaid bills, the Lotus Formula One team’s financial savior has finalized their purchase of the team, per the BBC. Renault signed a letter of intent to purchase the Lotus F1 team at the end of September, and the principal contracts of the purchase were…