Circuit Of The Americas Still Hasn't Paid Formula One Hosting Fees: Report

A $33 million dollar hosting fee that was supposed to be paid ahead of last month’s Formula One United States Grand Prix has yet to be paid by Circuit of the Americas, according to a report published in the Austin American-Statesman. That fee was supposed to be paid ahead of the October 25 race date.
»11/19/15 6:43pm11/19/15 6:43pm


Renault Will Purchase Lotus F1 Team, Hopefully Pay Off Its Unpaid Bills

The Team Formerly Known As Renault is finally going back to being Renault’s works Formula One effort. The struggling power unit supplier intends to buy a controlling stake in the struggling Lotus F1 team, which oddly, is the team Renault sold its stake in after the 2010 season to Genii Capital. »9/28/15 1:27pm9/28/15 1:27pm

Goldman Sachs: Don't Expect The Detroit Auto Show To Boost Stocks, Sun To Rise Again

All of us that were hoping to get a boost for our stock portfolios because of the Detroit Auto Show should probably consider other avenues for financial gain (Alpacas?), at least according to analysts at Goldman Sachs. The buzzkills over there remind us a recession is coming, car sales will decrease, people will stop… »1/11/08 10:00am1/11/08 10:00am