Speed Sisters Premieres This Weekend And You Can Watch An Exclusive Clip Right Here

Of all the car-related documentaries to come out in recent years, one of the films we’ve been most excited about has been Speed Sisters, which chronicles the story of the first all-woman racing team in the Middle East. At last, it’s making its U.S. debut this weekend at the DOC NYC festival in New York.
»11/10/15 4:00pm11/10/15 4:00pm


Legendary Off-Road Racing Movie Dust To Glory Is Getting A Sequel

Dust To Glory is ten years old now, but it’s still considered the definitive Baja racing movie. Before everyone had GoPros and iPhones, director Dana Brown told a story that inspired a whole new generation to get into off-road adventure. And next year, they’re doing it all over again. »10/11/15 12:54pm10/11/15 12:54pm

Winning Is The Best Racing Doc Since Senna, And That Means A Lot

The true measure of a man’s life can be summed up by the legacy he leaves behind. While that phrase borders on cliche, it’s the necessary backbone to a successful life. Paul Newman knew this better than most, and that’s one of the reasons why Winning: The Racing Life Of Paul Newman, in my opinion, has taken the title… »4/23/15 2:46pm4/23/15 2:46pm

Trailer: The Paul Newman Racing Documentary Winning Is Going To Be Great

"When you get out to that track... whatever it is that's roiling around in your head, it just goes right out the window." That's coming from Paul Newman, a man who knew what he was talking about. This is the first trailer for Adam Carolla's documentary on Newman's racing career, and boy does this film look awesome. »4/10/15 3:19pm4/10/15 3:19pm

Robb Stark Races In Rallying's Deadliest Era In New Film Group B

In the 1980s, international rallying was virtually unrestricted. The cars became more and more powerful until a series of horrifying fatal crashes led to the series' cancellation. It's a story worthy of a film. In fact, one is getting made right now and it stars the dude from Game of Thrones. »3/05/15 9:40am3/05/15 9:40am

Why Do We Watch James Bond Movies At Christmas?

The James Bond films have been a television favorite during the holiday season for as long as I have been alive. I can credit the inception of my fascination with the series directly to Spike TV's 007 Days Of Christmas, which I would stay up watching all night before I was even a teenager. Yet, I've never really… »12/26/14 12:11am12/26/14 12:11am

'Ignition' Captures That Moment When We Become Car Enthusiasts

I think many of us can remember that moment when the spark plug in our mind hits that perfect mixture of oxygen and gasoline and our brain suddenly fills with visions of all the cars we want and never leaves. The short film 'Ignition,' which won the Volvo Cars-sponsored short film contest, captures that moment… »11/14/14 3:50pm11/14/14 3:50pm