How Casey Neistat Shot an Amazing Car Commercial With Zero Planning

Filmmaker Casey Neistat and Mercedez-Benz don't pair easily in people's minds. One's a YouTube renegade, the other is the manufacturer of cars you can't afford. And yet! They teamed up and made an ad. The result is as surprising and weird as you'd expect it to be. » 9/05/13 3:34pm 9/05/13 3:34pm

Nobody With a Good Car Needs to be Justified: 'Dreams of Legends' on the …

Oh mang. We got this e-mail from a guy named Scot Hamilton about his film on California hot rodding and when we clicked on the link, the trailer was set to Ministry's "Jesus Built My Hot Rod," which sent us into a spastic reverie; lost cars, lost women, lost jobs, lost friends The Land of the Lost, etc. It makes us want… » 5/04/06 4:20pm 5/04/06 4:20pm