How To Win A Post-Race Fight

Did anybody even notice that Kevin Harvick won the penultimate NASCAR Sprint Cup race this past weekend? Or that Brad Keselowski is on the verge of clinching his first title? Hell no, because we were all too busy watching Clint Bowyer, Jeff Gordon and a million of their respective crew members beat the crap out of one… » 11/12/12 4:00pm 11/12/12 4:00pm

F1 driver faces criminal complaint over Chinese night club fight

Adrian Sutil thought he escaped legal action after fleeing China following an incident where he accidentally/purposefully glossed Eric Lux — head of rival Renault F1-owning Genii Capital. Now Lux is pursuing legal action claiming "physical assault and grievous bodily harm." » 5/17/11 4:20pm 5/17/11 4:20pm