V8 Fiero Shakers Us All Night Long!

After a few days of being tortured by depressing kit-car Fieros, now it's time for a modified Fiero that isn't lame. The 4.9 Cadillac V8 swap is becoming a fairly popular one and, while scoring much lower on the Rad-O-Meter than a Northstar swap, we like it for its junkyardy bang-for-buck simplicity. Here's an '88… » 5/10/07 4:30pm 5/10/07 4:30pm

Yet More Fieros Sacrificed On the Kit Car Altar: JISOD 8F402

Really, we're going to start putting good Fieros (i.e., ones with actual Fiero bodies and plenty of horsepower) up real soon, but the can't-stop-staring morbid fascination with the world of hideous faux-talian-supercar Fiero-based kit cars has us hooked on the horror for another day. Here's the JISOD 8F402, a Fiero… » 5/09/07 1:30pm 5/09/07 1:30pm

Elevate Your Social Status Now!

Maybe the best thing about this eBay listing (aside from the surprising lack of ALLCAPS) is the fact that the seller never mentions that this car is, in fact, a Fiero (however, the VIN tells the whole story). No, see, that's an "88 GM chassis" underneath that half-installed crypto-Lambo body kit and photographed with… » 5/08/07 1:30pm 5/08/07 1:30pm