Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: The $15,000 Fiat Dino?

Unsurprisingly, 82% of readers felt that $433 was a truly righteous price for a ready-to-go LeMons-winning BMW 535i. However, we can't stop thinking about Fiat, so that means we're going to look at one now. » 1/22/09 8:00am 1/22/09 8:00am

Fiat To Jump On Elise-Based Sports Car Bandwagon For New Dino

The Italian trendsetters at Fiat have come up with a revolutionary new idea: After determining that the Lotus Elise » 9/23/08 1:20pm 9/23/08 1:20pm’s extruded and bonded aluminum chassis is a singularly perfect platform, they’ve struck a deal to use it to underpin their next sports car, the . But, unlike the and the , Fiat intends to use a…