Fiat Bugster Concept Heading For Minor Brazilian Auto Show

For the upcoming Sao Paolo Motor Show in Brazil, Fiat will pull the cloth off their newest toy-to-never-be-made, the Bugster, a concept car designed to excite the imaginations of the nine people still interested in dedicated soft-roaders. It is, of course, an all-electric car — as all concepts these days seem to be —… »10/22/08 10:30am10/22/08 10:30am


Fiat Phylla Concept Is Green, Uses Frame Resembling Board Of Skating

We're already tired of all the "green" concepts from makers from Audi to Zap — mostly because we'd like some real alternatives rather than just pie-in-the-sky concepts — but with the one-two combo of gas prices and "the green marketing movement" it's not likely to end any time soon. Then there's Fiat — an automaker… »5/28/08 10:00am5/28/08 10:00am