Life Is Simply Better With The Original Fiat Cinquecento

Just image the scene. It's California, the sun is shining. You're a guy who enjoys taking the time with the details during a classic car's restoration, while your wife shows her appreciation by acting and dressing like a movie star from the car's era. » 5/03/13 3:50pm 5/03/13 3:50pm

Fiat 500 Euro Car of the Year, High Cinque!

Europe has selected its COTY and it's Fiat's itty-bitty 500/Cinquecento, a car that's impossible not to like. As you'll remember, last year's winner was the edgy and muscular Ford S-Max. In order to win the honors, the micocar had to best the second place Mazda 2 and third place Ford Mondeo. The award will be… » 11/15/07 1:15pm 11/15/07 1:15pm