The Truth About Cars Rolled By Jerry Seinfeld

Remember when the AP reported that Jerry Seinfeld rolled his 1967 Fiat BTM because of faulty brakes. They were almost right, except Seinfeld's car didn't roll but rather just "sort of fell over on its side." And Seinfeld's mystery Fiat was not a Dino coupe, but rather a a sexy Fiat 500. Mystery solved. » 4/07/08 9:20am 4/07/08 9:20am

So What's Up With Jerry Seinfeld's 1967 Fiat "BTM?"

As we told you earlier this morning, we know the media's claiming Seinfeld rolled a "1967 Fiat BTM" this past weekend. He's unhurt, however as we all well know, there's no such vehicle with that designation built by Fiat. According to Wikipedia — the paragon of all that is filled with truthiness — there were six models… » 4/03/08 10:13am 4/03/08 10:13am