Crazy Italian Designers Want To Build That Fiat 500 With A Ferrari V8

I’m a fan of the crazy stuff that comes from Italy’s Lazzarini Design, like the Alfa Romeo 4C and Fiat 500 with V8 engines sourced from the Ferrari 458 Italia. It’s been a few years since we’ve heard from that last concept, but now Lazzarini says they actually want to build one with investor help. »4/13/15 10:00pm4/13/15 10:00pm

A Classic Fiat 500 Had To Die So You Can Keep Your Drinks Cool

Though it was reborn back in 2007 as a similarly compact model, the original Fiat 500 showed the world, not just Europe, that you didn't need a giant land yacht of a vehicle to be comfortable. So it's a little sad to see that Smeg is working with Fiat to hack apart these iconic rides, and turn their front ends into… »6/04/13 1:59pm6/04/13 1:59pm