Woman flips Corvette while exiting Ferrari dealership

A woman in her late 20s ended an evening of car appreciation at a Boston-area Ferrari dealership with car destruction when she attempted to do a little showing off in her yellow Corvette and a mistimed burnout left both the driver and the car upside down and in pieces. » 12/05/11 12:30pm 12/05/11 12:30pm

Wrecked Ferrari F430 Tossed Around By Eager Onlookers

If you wreck the hell out of your beautiful new Ferrari F430 » 10/21/08 12:20pm 10/21/08 12:20pm in the back country of Italy, this is what you should expect during the recovery and transport process. This accident happened between Aprilia and Ardea along Italy's west central coastline after the Ferrari apparently acted as a rental toy during a wedding. …