Will Michael Schumacher Come Back to Drive Felipe Massa’s Ferrari?

As Felipe Massa is still being tended to in a Hungarian hospital, the rumors have begun to fly: who will drive his car at the next race? An obvious choice has emerged in the sport’s greatest champion. » 7/28/09 5:15pm 7/28/09 5:15pm

Leaked Ferrari Memo Details "FX150," Location of Hoffa's Body, Info On…

Color us highly skeptical of this "leaked Ferrari document" which has popped up on the internet detailing the so-called "FX150" prototype. Something just seems completely off about it. Maybe it's the reference to the Euro 5 emissions standards followed closely by details of a monstrously powerful twin-turbocharged V8… » 9/18/08 2:20pm 9/18/08 2:20pm