Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Testing New KERS System?

Good morning Fiorano! A FerrariChat member caught what looks to be Ferrari's 599 GTB Fiorano update being flogged on, you guessed it, the Fiorano test track. Is it the next 599, or the first look at the upcoming 599 hybrid? » 12/14/10 9:30am 12/14/10 9:30am

How To Greenwash A Ferrari

Here's how the Ferrari 599 HY-KERS incorporates a 100 HP electric motor and lithium ion batteries into a plain Jane Ferrari 599 without sacrificing performance. » 3/15/10 10:00am 3/15/10 10:00am

Ferrari HY-KERS Hybrid Concept: Italian Supercar King Goes Green

The Ferrari HY-KERS concept, the first hybrid from the prancing stallion, is essentially a Ferrari 599 with a strap-on 107HP electric motor. So, a Geo Metro's worth of electric power and a screaming V12. Hey enviro-nerds, the paint's green, right? » 3/02/10 6:15am 3/02/10 6:15am

Ferrari 599 Hybrid First Photos Leak

Cavallo Verde! These purport to be the first photos of the Ferrari 599 Hybrid set for reveal in Geneva. And while it's blasphemous to the extreme, at least they've given it an ugly paintjob so we can avoid it. » 2/26/10 5:01pm 2/26/10 5:01pm

Ferrari 599 Hybrid: Porco Dio!

At yesterday's 2010 Ferrari F1 presentation, Ferrari CEO Luca di Montezemolo announced the prancin' Italian Stallion's officially unveiling a 599 Hybrid prototype at the Geneva Motor Show. Worse yet, the model's destined for production. New F1 car and blasphemy below. » 1/28/10 7:15am 1/28/10 7:15am