Our ideal fire-free Ferrari 458 Spider driving experience

Ferrari debuted the 458 Spider at this past week's Frankfurt Motor Show, making it the current topless super car to beat. To officially introduce the folding aluminum roof equipped Ferrari and make us commoners want one even more they also created this promotional video. » 9/18/11 4:00pm 9/18/11 4:00pm

Watch the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider drop its beautiful top

You've seen the new Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, now watch its retractable roof open, with epic orchestral accompaniment. Simplicity is sexiness: the cover opens; the roof rotates, paddle-wheel-style, into place, and the cover comes down. All that's missing is a mustache and the Magnum PI theme music. » 8/23/11 10:30am 8/23/11 10:30am

Ferrari 458 Italia driver starts drag race in reverse

Your fancy dual-clutch seven-speed transmission may let you make shifts faster than hummingbird farts, Mr. Ferrari 458 Italia driver, but we're guessing you wouldn't accidentally start a drag race in reverse if you had a classic gated shifter and embarrassed yourself in front of all these people and the Internet. » 8/10/11 1:30pm 8/10/11 1:30pm

Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am gives better protection for crash-o-riffic …

The Rolex Grand Am series shares an owner with NASCAR, but does it follow the same raucous playbook? Perhaps, considering Ferrari's new Grand Am-prepped 458 GT3's got "greater lateral protection" for more safety in "a series in which collisions are rather more frequent." Oh, mi scusi, signore, but — how you say — rubbin'… » 7/20/11 1:30pm 7/20/11 1:30pm

Father teaches kid to drive in $200,000 Ferrari

Remember when you begged your dad to let you take out the family hauler the second you got your learner's permit. Remember imagining pretending that big Buick was a sleek, Italian exotic. This kid doesn't have to pretend. That "L" on the Ferrari 458 Italia is how Britain signifies a learner driver. Which means the kid's … » 7/01/11 10:00am 7/01/11 10:00am