This Ferrari Parked Across Two Spots Isn't An Asshat

Here's a Ferrari 456 parked across two spots, one of which happens to be a handicapped space. The thing is, this driver isn't an asshat, and there's one simple reason why: He's driving a Ferrari 456. This is a service to society. » 3/19/15 3:00pm 3/19/15 3:00pm

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Watch a Ferrari broadside a tiny car

For all its wonders, Argentina is sorely lacking in interesting cars, and now there’s one less: last Thursday, a Ferrari 456 was destroyed in an accident in Buenos Aires. The moment of impact and its aftermath were captured by a security camera. » 6/15/11 9:30am 6/15/11 9:30am

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You don’t necessarily have to consign yourself to minivan hell when you have kids. Lamborghinis and Ferraris make for lovely ways to transport a growing family. Here’s how. » 4/23/09 4:30pm 4/23/09 4:30pm

A Garage Fit For a King: The Best Of The Sultan Of Brunei's Amazing Car…

Ferrari wagon-izations and hypercars bathed in magnetizing yellow are just a couple hints the Sultan of Brunei is perhaps the most Jalopnik head of state in the whole world. Like us, he seems to have a maddening obsession with odd cars. However, what sets him apart is his seemingly unending pot of money with which to… » 4/15/08 12:30pm 4/15/08 12:30pm