Eurospares Sells Wrecked Supercars, Oh The Humanity

The idea of dropping a mint condition 6.2 L Lamborghini V12 into a mid-engine Vegamino is pure sex, but in order to get there, a supercar must die. How are you going find such a donor? Well, Eurospares seem to be just the place to find those tasty morsels of fine Italian delights. Absolutely wonderful for modern car… » 5/07/08 1:20pm 5/07/08 1:20pm

PCH, Superpower Malaise Showdown: 1978 Ferrari 308 or 1980 Lotus Esprit?

While the 8-door '57 Chrysler limo almost beat out the stretched Ferrari 400i limo in our last Choose Your Eternity poll (and what an upset of reigning PCH Superpower, Italy, that would have been!), V12 power and Italian build quality seem to have triumphed over fins and rust. Today we need to see how Italy fares… » 4/02/08 5:15pm 4/02/08 5:15pm