America's Next Formula One Team Actually Built A Car (Update: Maybe Not)

The announcement of Haas F1, an effort led by NASCAR mogul Gene Haas, has been met with equal amounts of excitement and skepticism. That’s because memories of the failure that was USF1 are still fresh in everyone’s mind. But, look at this: Haas F1 has actually built a car. Whoa. (Update: it might not be theirs) » 6/10/15 11:14am 6/10/15 11:14am

A Rave in The Vault at The Petersen Museum Would Look Sorta Like This

As I awkwardly jogged around the darkened basement of The Petersen Automotive Museum, arms outstretched, gripping a very homemade LED strip apparatus, battery pack slung across my chest, doing laps around priceless metal in 25-second shutter intervals, while a handful of technicians and museum personnel looked on, I… » 6/08/15 11:06pm 6/08/15 11:06pm

The Ferrari FXX K Sounds Exactly Like A Formula One Car Should

That everyone’s been lamenting the Hoover-ish sound of Formula One cars of late isn’t exactly news. But what’s lost in the mix is the question of what exactly an F1 car should sound like. Probably loud, with a big scream layered over a ferocious growl, right? Well then listen to the Ferrari FXX K, the LaFerrari track… » 6/05/15 10:30am 6/05/15 10:30am

This Is The Ferrari Crossover GT That Could Have Been

The Ferrari FF was a profound departure for the reigning king of Italian sports car companies. Before it came out, an all-wheel drive shooting brake would’ve almost been unheard of for the storied maker of the 250 GTO. But we could’ve gotten something very different. This silver, jacked-up crossover thing. » 6/04/15 12:24pm 6/04/15 12:24pm

What The Hell Is This Weird Ferrari Test Mutant?

We first heard that Ferrari was debuting a twin-turbo refresh of the beloved 458 Italia, dubbed the Ferrari 488 GTB, back in February. But this is not a 488 GTB. The vents are wrong, the exhausts aren’t quite right, and then there’s that sound. The deep, relatively muted noise coming out of it is, well, off. » 6/03/15 5:10pm 6/03/15 5:10pm