Volkswagen Deal To Buy Red Bull Formula One Team Went "Up In Smoke"

Up in smoke, that’s where my money goes — or so said Red Bull Formula One team principal Christian Horner to NBCSN about Volkswagen’s plans to buy the Red Bull F1 team. Volkswagen faces a possible $18 billion fine for the dieselgate scandal, wherein a system was installed on its diesel road cars to cheat emissions… »9/25/15 8:25pm9/25/15 8:25pm

American Haas F1 Team Chooses Frenchman Romain Grosjean As Its First Driver: Report

When the French and Americans come together on things, they tend to have good results. The Statue of Liberty. Pork roll on croissants. And now, Autosport reports that Lotus Formula One driver Romain Grosjean will drive for the first American-based F1 team in ages: Haas.
»9/25/15 4:11pm9/25/15 4:11pm

Ferrari To Apologize To Singapore Grand Prix Officials For Bonehead Post-Race Move

Ferrari’s Formula One race mechanics rushed into a closed off parc fermé area after the Singapore Grand Prix, prompting them to see the stewards after the race. Those stewards have now mandated that Ferrari apologize to the race officials and security staff, per Autosport.
»9/20/15 3:03pm9/20/15 3:03pm

Mercedes Busted With Low Tire Pressures On Both F1 Cars, But Not Penalized

After tires popped at Spa, Formula One and Pirelli instituted limits on tire pressures. The minimum allowed on any car at Monza was 19.5 psi. To enforce this, an FIA delegate measured left rear tire pressures on the four front cars on the grid and found that both Mercedes’ tires were below the minimum pressure.
»9/06/15 12:36pm9/06/15 12:36pm

This Ferrari Challenge Race Was So Incredibly Bad It's Actually Amazing

Racing takes years to master. Only the best and most skilled drivers can advance to the highest levels of motorsport. The track isn’t a place for fools. Unless of course we’re talking about the gentleman racer series known as the Ferrari Challenge, where any monied jackass can buy their way in and then crash into… »9/01/15 6:00pm9/01/15 6:00pm

Fulfillment of the childhood dream: The hooning of a Ferrari 599

Picture this, a familiar scenario: As a kid you were met with a beautiful Rosso colored Ferrari at some point, be it in person or in posters. “That’ll be mine one day,” you thought. And ambitious as you were, you positioned yourself and labored entirely too hard toward your passion of owning one. Then with a bit of… »8/30/15 10:28am8/30/15 10:28am

Ferrari Kicks F1 Silly Season In The Nuts By Keeping Kimi Räikkönen For 2016

What, you thought you had the whole Formula One grid figured out for 2016? Bottas to Ferrari, Räikkönen to artisanal cheesemaking, Hülkenberg to Williams, Cow to Pasture, etc., etc.? Ha! Think again, mi amigo. No rumor is sacred now, as Scuderia Ferrari is keeping the Kimster. »8/20/15 4:54pm8/20/15 4:54pm

Spoiled Kid Tries To Get New Ferrari By Setting Fire To Old One

It’s easy for all of us cash-deprived near-animals to judge the actions of our monied betters. So I’m asking you to keep an open mind when considering the tale of a 20-year-old son of a Swiss millionaire who deliberately set his Ferrari 458 Italia on fire in the hopes of getting a newer, better Ferrari. Just think… »8/11/15 10:10am8/11/15 10:10am