Precision In Michigan: Audi R8 Spotted In Ferndale

Many people may not know it but I just moved into a new place in downtown Royal Oak, MI. It's the city my Dad grew up in, I was born in, and my cousins still run the local hardware store — so it's got a lot of positive energy for me. Apparently, despite the familial energy, I've been told the fabulous city right next… » 3/07/07 9:15pm 3/07/07 9:15pm

2006 Woodward Dream Pre-Cruise: Wert's Got A Full Tank Of Gas, A Half Pack Of Starbucks DoubleShot, and He's Wearing Sunglasses. Hit It!

So we realized last night that Wert's gonna have to get some sleep, and last night he tried. Unfortunately, when he's ingested four Starbucks doppio espressos in a 6 hour period — it's much more difficult than just "going to sleep." And no, the liquor didn't help much either. But, since it worked so well for him… » 8/18/06 9:53am 8/18/06 9:53am