Fergie's New Baby Is Named Entirely After Car Parts

Fergalicious fergity-ferg Fergie gave birth to her first child with husband Josh Duhamel on Thursday: a healthy baby boy. And when Fergie looked down at the tiny new life she had brought into the world—the perfect, squirming human who would, from now until forever, fill her days with joy and anxiety and excitement and… »8/29/13 8:23pm8/29/13 8:23pm


Fergie Auctions Off Her Hummer H2 To, You Know, Save The Environment

The owner of the trademark on lovely lady lumps is auctioning off her lump of an SUV — a DUB Edition Hummer H2 for charity. That's totally so special of her! So what's the charity, you ask? Global Green USA. Umm, yeah. But wait, wait all you cynics of the world — she answers your question your question already. The… »9/07/07 11:00am9/07/07 11:00am