Porsche Wants To Change Street Named For Henry Ford II To 'Ferdinand Porsche Avenue'

Porsche announced last year that their new North American headquarters would be built in Atlanta, on the site where a Ford Taurus assembly plant used to reside, cranking out Taurii. Though not much has happened so far, the situation is changing, as reported to us by reader Jim Mitchell. It looks like along with some… »10/09/12 10:30am10/09/12 10:30am


Porsche Goes Green, Builds EVs In 1899, Hybrids In 1901

At the tender age of 25, well before his work with the Auto Union Type C, Ferdinand Porsche entered the 1900 Paris World Exhibition with his all-electric car after developing the key systems for Jacob Lohner & Company. It was heralded as the "most innovative invention" of the show and consequently orders were filled… »4/22/08 4:15pm4/22/08 4:15pm