Your Ridiculously Awesome Bathurst 12 Hour Wallpaper Is Here 

The ridiculously long supercar race down under may be over, but you can still feel the excitement of the Bathurst 12 Hour by pretending that you've got some Mercedes, Bentley, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and McLaren (amongst others) coming towards you at epic speeds! » 2/14/15 8:20pm 2/14/15 8:20pm

Leaked Ferrari Memo Details "FX150," Location of Hoffa's Body, Info On…

Color us highly skeptical of this "leaked Ferrari document" which has popped up on the internet detailing the so-called "FX150" prototype. Something just seems completely off about it. Maybe it's the reference to the Euro 5 emissions standards followed closely by details of a monstrously powerful twin-turbocharged V8… » 9/18/08 2:20pm 9/18/08 2:20pm

Ferrari 512 BB LMs at Monterey

While Porsche 935s are supremely awesome and the DeKon Monzas force us into shit-eating-grin mode, we also dig the few oddball machines that wind up in the IMSA ranks at Monterey. For example, we present to you the Ferrari 512 BB LM. While it wasn't a particularly successful race car, it's pretty close to as sexy as… » 8/21/07 5:15pm 8/21/07 5:15pm