Designer's Notebook: Fenomenon Design's Stratos Spider

When Fenomenon Design decided not to bring the open-top version of its Stratos concept to the Frankfurt show last month, we were deeply saddened. Well, not that deeply (what are we, crybabies?) — more like rather saddened. Instead, they focus on bearing news that the Stratos was the object of a feasibility study,… » 10/28/05 12:43pm 10/28/05 12:43pm

Fenomenon Design to Bring Stratos Roadster to Frankfurt

Oh the candy that will be parked in Frankfurt next month; we can hardly contain our excitement (the dog already thinks we're off the beam for all the pacing and scratching). Fenomenon Holistic Design, creator of the Lancia-homage Stratos concept (yes, they own the name) over which we nearly slipped on a puddle of our… » 8/23/05 4:10pm 8/23/05 4:10pm