Honda Looks To Follow GM By Fueling Hydrogen Hopes With Hollywood Hype

Honda's hoping to snag some love from the Hollywood hype machine for their new green machine, the hydrogen fuel-cell-powered FCX Clarity. Honda's producing 200 of the fuel cell vehicles for distribution to celebrities and other Hollywood luminaries to build buzz for the 73 MPG technological wonder. True, these drivers… » 6/19/08 6:00pm 6/19/08 6:00pm

The Best Way to Refuel Your FCX Clarity

You're going to want a Honda Home Energy Station IV if you're going to be tooling around town in your new Clarity fuel cell vehicle, lest you should have to fill up at a community hydrogen station like a commoner. This trick station hooks up to your home's natural gas supply and not only produces hydrogen for your… » 11/16/07 4:15pm 11/16/07 4:15pm