Five Years Have Passed Since A New Hybrid-Only Vehicle Came To Market

With all the talk about alternative powertrains and who has the most hybrids, one statistic stands out: It's been more than five years since the second-generation Toyota Prius hit showrooms, marking the most recent new vehicle to have been designed only as a hybrid. And, as reports, that's a huge… » 8/04/08 3:20pm 8/04/08 3:20pm

What's So Puzzling About The Honda FCX Clarity?

Pardon me for being baffled, but something about this latest Honda FCX Clarity ad has me a little puzzled. Rubik's Cubes, geometric puzzles, traditional puzzles, Rube Goldberg machines and a hydrogen-powered Honda? I'll spoil the ending for you: I guess it's all about "solving problems," but until I can stick a garden… » 2/08/08 3:45pm 2/08/08 3:45pm

Farago and Loverman Talk Thermal Butt Sensors

OK, actually we talked about the new Honda FCX Clarity. I called Farago because I had absolutely swallowed the Clarity Kool Aid. [Like we didn't already know that. — Ed.] The weekend after driving the Clarity I wound up at a bunch of pre-Turkey Day parties. Old friends kept asking me what I'd been up to and telling me… » 11/21/07 4:00pm 11/21/07 4:00pm

Honda FCX Clarity

The most remarkable thing about driving Honda's FCX Clarity prototype isn't how it emits nothing but water, its torquey, 13,500 rpm electric motor, the hydrogen equivalent of 68 miles per gallon or the perverse pleasure that goes with driving a multimillion-dollar automobile. It's the air-conditioned seats. Notice I… » 11/19/07 1:00pm 11/19/07 1:00pm

Preview: Jalopnik Drives the Honda FCX Clarity

You're looking at Honda's new hydrogen fuel cell powered FCX Clarity parked in front of the Malibu Presbyterian Church that was destroyed in the recent fires. As the Clarity emits water and achieves the gasoline consumption equivalent of 68 mpg, we thought it only fitting to shoot it parked in front of one of Global… » 11/16/07 10:45pm 11/16/07 10:45pm

LA Auto Show: Honda FCX Clarity

[Update: Full first drive road test here] Honda's hydrogen powered family sedan has a new name — Clarity. Following a decades old corporate mandate, "Blue Skies For Our Children," the mid-size Clarity will (supposedly) return an EPA-certified 68 MPG. The Clarity also will pass federal safety standards, start in minus… » 11/14/07 1:30pm 11/14/07 1:30pm

Frankfurt Auto Show: Honda Accord Tourer Concept

Honda informs us the company will maintain a clear focus on innovation, environmental responsibility, safety, and building machines that are fun to drive. Along with the hydrogen fuel cell FCX, the company plans to push ahead with an i-dtec turbodiesel. The engine requires no urea system to meet emissions standards… » 9/11/07 11:10am 9/11/07 11:10am

Honda Hydrogen FCX Coming in 2008!

We told you about Honda's impending FCX Concept by at the Los Angeles Auto Show and how they wanted to start selling it here by 2008. Well guess what? They weren't fooling. The new and improved Hindenburg hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will be hitting both our shores and Japan in 2008. Where do you get the hydrogen?… » 5/11/07 1:44pm 5/11/07 1:44pm

LA Auto Show Still Breaking: Honda Reinvents the Hindenburg; FCX…

Honda may in fact be just as highly precise as the boys from Stuttgart, but they don't brag about it. Instead, they flaunt their massive levels of high-efficiency. So highly efficient in fact, that North American Senior Veep John Mendel mentioned it four times. Which isn't very efficient. Luckily for the "energy… » 11/29/06 3:47pm 11/29/06 3:47pm

Honda to Introduce Updated Fuel-Cell Concept in Los Angeles

Just months after Honda announced it's putting a fuel-cell sedan into limited production by decade's end, the company will show off the next-generation of the system at this year's Los Angeles auto show, according to Edmunds Inside Line. The updated fuelie rig won't be getting a new concept car to wrap it in — it'll… » 8/25/06 11:06am 8/25/06 11:06am

Honda to Produce Next-Gen FCX Fuel Cell Vehicle

Four months ago, Honda debuted its next-generation FCX vehicle, looking for all the world like a combination of the new Civic and Chrysler's recently-snuffed LH cars. Yesterday, Honda CEO Takeo Fukui announced that the car will be available for sale in the next three to four years, with limited driving opportunities… » 1/10/06 10:44am 1/10/06 10:44am

Phill Gets a New Brother: The Honda The Home Energy Station III

Honda has announced the Home Energy Station III, the latest sequel in Honda's blockbuster Home Energy Station series. Starring Leslie Nielsen and the ghost of George Peppard, as well as Sally Field and Brooke Burke in supporting roles and cameos from such luminaries as Alex Trebek and Larry the Cable Guy, the Home… » 11/15/05 6:21pm 11/15/05 6:21pm

Honda Adds a Nav System to FCX Fuel-Cell Car; Shows Hydrogen Filling…

Traveling California's "Hydrogen Highway" just got easier for Honda FCX drivers (ok driver). Honda's experimental hydrogen fuel cell—powered car, the FCX, will be fitted with a navigation system that can pinpoint the nearest hydrogen fueling stations, such that there are. A variant of the nav option already offered… » 7/29/05 11:33am 7/29/05 11:33am