Toyota FCHV-adv Gets New Fuel Cell Hybrid System, Has Over 500 Mile Range

The Japanese government (who didn't have anything to do with Prius development) has given approval for domestic market leasing of Toyotas newest fuel cell hybrid, the FCHV-adv. We don't know if our assumed graphic update properly represents the new look of the updated FCHV, but the updated goodies under hood and… »6/06/08 11:20am6/06/08 11:20am


Toyota Bests Chevy Sequel With 348 Mile Drive Of Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle

Toyota's announced today they've one-upped Chevy's little Sequel with their own FCHV (Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle). If you remember, the Chevy Sequel took a 300-mile one-way drive across the state of New York to become the first fuel cell vehicle to go more than 300 miles in one fill-up. Toyota's FCHV team decided they… »9/28/07 9:45am9/28/07 9:45am