Rare And Affordable Vintage Forward Control Jeep Has It All

Cool, rare and affordable—while conventional car person wisdom might suggest you can only get two, we'll happily argue this awesome 1961 Jeep FC150 currently listed on Ebay has it all. » 5/12/12 11:00am 5/12/12 11:00am

The San Juan Scenic Tours Jeep Forward Control: Apocalpyse Vehicle Now

We were poking around Jeepforum.com when we stumbled onto a context-free image of this Jeep Forward Control monster truck. Our brains melted from the awesomeness and we had to know more. Immediately. » 2/24/10 5:30pm 2/24/10 5:30pm

Jeep FC170 Living Oaktown Style

Rickey Henderson, Earl Warren, Too $hort, and Gertrude Stein all came out of Oakland, and now it's the turn of this street-parked Jeep FC170 to put the East Bay's main city on the map yet again. If and when I run out of DOTS cars in Alameda, all I'll need to do is take a quick hop across the Estuary and start… » 5/19/08 2:00pm 5/19/08 2:00pm