A Fool And His Tianjin-FAW-Xiali N3 Are Never Parted

Tianjin-FAW-Xiali N3 just doesn't have the right ring to it, especially for a car with sporty roof rails. Why not call it "Fool Very Good" and add a sticker of a real sports car to the side? » 4/06/10 3:00pm 4/06/10 3:00pm

Step Aside, Beijingers, The President Is In Town

Those impressed by Cadillac One crossing the streets of New York will be equally moved by Chinese President Hu Jintao doing the same in his new custom limo fleet... or else they will be moved by Beijing police. » 10/01/09 1:00pm 10/01/09 1:00pm

Would You Drive A Chinese Car?

Now that almost everyone would drive a Japanese and now a Korean car, it's worth asking if you all would drive a Chinese car. In fact, given all that's coming out at this year's explosive Beijing Motor Show, it is a harder question than it has been in the past. Though there are questions of quality and originality,… » 4/21/08 11:40am 4/21/08 11:40am

FAW Bringing B50 Sedan Goodness To Beijing Motor Show

It's been a while since we've heard from Chinese automaker FAW, and we're not talking about the Football Association of Wales (which makes shit cars). This year's Beijing Motor Show spotlight is supposed to go to Geely, but Faw will be butting in with this not too unattractive sedan apparently based on the previous… » 4/14/08 10:00am 4/14/08 10:00am

Fast as a Shark: Living on Chinese Rocks

I can't in truth call my Shanghai trip a comedy of errors, although there were errors, one of which resulted in my flying home first class. And while some of the Engrish I encountered was laugh-out-loud gut-busting. I can't quite refer to it as a tragedy, either. What it was, however, was a slightly nebulous,… » 4/25/07 3:45pm 4/25/07 3:45pm

Fine China: FAW Shows Coupe Concept in Beijing

Chinese automaker FAW worked up this little coupe concept with joint venture partner Mazda for Beijing's Auto China 2006. While close inspection reveals a mishmash of Mazda, Nissan and Mitsubishi product influences (plus de rigeur gilded sport-compact wheels, natch), a surprising gestalt makes it all work. If this is… » 11/20/06 10:35am 11/20/06 10:35am