LaVella Hits the Brucker Collection Auction

Long ago, there was a magical place in Buena Park, California called MovieWorld: Cars of the Stars, owned by a pair of brothers by the name of Brucker. Ed Roth worked there. Von Dutch lived in a bus on the property, and although the museum closed in '79, the Bruckers' stored collection contained some fabulous » 5/16/06 12:27am 5/16/06 12:27am

Fausto Vitello: RIP

Davey G. here. I'm week late or so in posting this. But car guy and Thrasher Magazine publisher Fausto Vitello has died. I never had the chance to meet Fausto, but he was one of the ones to give LaVella a shot, who gave me a shot, which led Spinelli to give me this shot. I grew up on bikes and skateboards, and though… » 5/03/06 10:58pm 5/03/06 10:58pm