Blogging The Auto Bloggers: With Wiley Gone Like A Coyote, What Will…

All the attention from the quote on blogging in the Detroit News yesterday must have gotten to Mike Wiley, GM's Director of New Media — word is, he's departing the General, mommy-blogging wifey and kids in tow, and leaving the wilds of Toledo, Ohio to work for big-time PR firm Edelman in Chicago. So that's interesting … » 8/25/06 12:46pm 8/25/06 12:46pm

FYI: GM's Expansive Blog Empire

GM's added a new site to their growing blog-empire. The new site, FYI, joins the Fastlane blog and the now-defunct Smallblock blog. Rather than do it ourselves, we'll let Mike Wiley, GM's Director of New Media, describe why this new entry into the blogosphere is necessary — then just for fun, find out how we've… » 4/20/06 9:03am 4/20/06 9:03am