If Fast Five Had Been Shot In Sweden Instead Of Rio

What would The Fast and the Furious look like if it was shot in Sweden instead of California? Well, there'd be a lot more booze, a lot more flames, and a lot more Volvos. » 9/04/12 1:00pm 9/04/12 1:00pm

Fast Five is the superheroes-assemble movie you’ve been waiting for…

It's entirely possible that you haven't been paying attention to the internecine continuity of Universal's Fast and the Furious franchise — the most recent chapter of which, Fast Five, just grossed $83.6 million in its opening weekend. Given that it's a series about a pair of guys who steal cars and pose dramatically… » 5/02/11 4:45pm 5/02/11 4:45pm

"Fast Five" fans in Detroit mark movie with parking-lot burnouts

"Fast Five" stole the box office title this weekend, and judging by this video of some Detroit-area enthusiasts, encouraged a few Paul Walker-like moves in parking lots afterwards. Even people driving Jeep Cherokees. » 5/02/11 10:00am 5/02/11 10:00am

Fast Five trailer, now with more Mopar and bikinis

The full trailer for Fast Five, the fifth The Fast And The Furious movie, has more of what teenage boys want: bikinis, Ford GTs, Lexus LFAs, Dodge Chargers, and The Rock. It's best to watch it after downing a fifth of Jack and Brawndo. » 3/08/11 3:00pm 3/08/11 3:00pm