How to Find Your Dream Car, Courtesy of MTV's "Fast Inc."

In the pilot episode of MTV's "Fast Inc.", Jennifer Love Hewitt is on the phone. She's looking for an early-70s BMW 2002 — a birthday present for a friend. The catch? It has to be cream with tan — and automatic. "Ohh," Todd Ashley, one of the show's three expert car hunters, deadpans, just barely giving away that… »6/12/06 10:00am6/12/06 10:00am


Television! Television! Television! Television! 'Fast Inc.' Comes to MTV

So what happens when a group of guys who back Mister Jalopy, Gearhead desert racing, musclecars, drifting, sandrails, vintage VeeDubs and have a shop next to Fred Segal on Melrose collide with MTV? We're not sure yet, but the Fast Ashleys crew have endeared themselves to us with their seemingly impeccable taste in… »6/01/06 5:30pm6/01/06 5:30pm