Another British Carbon Fiber Sled: Farbio GTS

If you've got eight months and sixty British grand to kill, you can get your mitts on the latest homespun sports car to emanate from the Isle of hoonage. It's the Farbio GTS and its supercharged sibling. Appearing to split the difference between a modern Lotus Europa and something from our friends at Lee Noble's… » 9/19/07 7:47am 9/19/07 7:47am

What Hath Pharma Wrough? Farboud AF10 to Be Unveiled at British Show

Arash Farboud, the guy whose family fortune in pharma let him spite Ferrari for not letting him buy an Enzo, will show off his 550 hp supercar concept at the British motor show next month. The carbon-fiber-bodied AF10 has shed the Audi-sourced powerplant of an early prototype, in favor of the Corvette Z06's 7.0-liter… » 6/30/06 10:15am 6/30/06 10:15am