The GTS400: A Faster Farbio

It must be time for another recession, because just like in the late 1980s the market is again awash with supercars. Like the Farbio GTS400. It's a lot like the regular Farbio GTS » 11/25/08 10:00am 11/25/08 10:00am, but with a 400 after its name and an extra 148 HP (410 in total now, to be precise) thanks to a new induction and exhaust system and a big…

Another British Carbon Fiber Sled: Farbio GTS

If you've got eight months and sixty British grand to kill, you can get your mitts on the latest homespun sports car to emanate from the Isle of hoonage. It's the Farbio GTS and its supercharged sibling. Appearing to split the difference between a modern Lotus Europa and something from our friends at Lee Noble's… » 9/19/07 7:47am 9/19/07 7:47am