What Falling Down a Mountain Looks Like: Terrifying

If you've ever wondered what the view is careening down a snow-driven slope with total lack of control, first chasing after a snowmobile and then being chased by one, glad tidings! You'll never have to try it yourself for reference, thanks to one terribly unfortunate Frenchman with a helmet cam. » 5/05/11 5:40pm 5/05/11 5:40pm

Ruh-Roh, It’s a Rot Rod for $6,000!

Scooby-doo had trouble pronouncing anything but Rs. Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has the mystery of a Rot Rod that should have been a Miata — if it weren't for its meddling owner. » 11/18/09 8:00am 11/18/09 8:00am

Ten More Unfortunate Street Names

Those disappointed in the name change vote of Butt Hole Road'll be happy hearing it's not the only hilariously unfortunate street name. Here's ten more to add to the list of world's street signs making your internal ten-year-old laugh below. » 6/03/09 10:30am 6/03/09 10:30am