Jalopnik Holiday Re-Gift Guide: The Worst Car Gift Revealed

We were shocked, absolutely shocked the fake sunroof lost out to both Fast & The Furious-merch and the Fake Spinners, the eventual winner with 28.1% of the vote at 287 votes out of more than 1,000 votes. There were also a few of you that shared our disdain for Chicken Soup for the NASCAR Soul, though people generally… »11/26/07 3:15pm11/26/07 3:15pm


The Jalopnik Holiday Re-Gift Guide: The Decano Fake Sunroof

The Holiday Re-Gift Guide continues our anti-Black Friday assault with an aftermarket item you've seen on these pages once before. While faux-scoops and exhausts are the automotive equivalent of calf-implants, there's something especially insidious about a fake product that imitates no performance increase of any… »11/23/07 10:40am11/23/07 10:40am