Project Car Hell: Fairlane Wagon or Volvo Bertone?

We learned yesterday that two out of three Jalopnik readers surveyed would rather reign in Project Car Hell with a '62 Renault Caravelle than with a '62 Corvair Monza. Which makes perfect sense to us, but what happens when we jack up the admission cost just a touch and make you choose between a chopped Göteborg sedan… »8/08/07 5:30pm8/08/07 5:30pm


The Adventures Of The Ford Fairlane Continue: No To Detroit, Yes To Design, No To Zuzu Petals

Despite the fact that just about everyone and their mother was under the impression the Fairlane, FoMoCo's new minivan replacement, would be one of the new vehicles on display in the Ford booth at next month's Detroit Auto Show (alternately NAIAS, NAMBLA, or whatever I've ended up calling it on other occasions). I… »12/07/06 11:55am12/07/06 11:55am

Blocky Moves: Ford to Launch Fairlane Crossover in 2008

Ford's made entirely clear its intention to abandon the minivan game in favor of crossover SUVs like the upcoming Edge, as well as engage in left-field thinking about the genre, like the iffy Freestyle wagonover (or whatever). Now, according to AutoWeek, the company announced it will build the blocky Fairlane, which… »7/10/06 9:45am7/10/06 9:45am

Betting the Farm: Ford's Post-Minivan Play will Be Monday Announcement

Ford's got an announcement to make. (No, you'll have to wait until this coming Monday to hear it from the Boss's mouth.) But press outlets are already reporting that company will divulge its upcoming minivan stratagy, which, according to USA Today, involves flight from the minivan segment altogether, leaving plant… »1/20/06 8:41am1/20/06 8:41am