Fast And Furious Model Competition Confirms Worst Fears

Just as we were starting to feel somewhat better about the Fast And Furious movie, the marketing team launches a mildly offensive model competition. » 2/06/09 1:30pm 2/06/09 1:30pm

Fast And Furious Trailer Reveals More Grand National Abuse

Who needs Fast and Furious plot details? Especially with this high-energy trailer for the fourth film in the series reminding us the plot is just there to get us from one explosion to another. » 1/15/09 10:00am 1/15/09 10:00am

Fast And Furious First Production Stills, Movie Both Grand And National

That's right, the fourth installment of The Fast And The Furious is to be called, merely, Fast And Furious, and here are the first pics. We wonder if calling it Fast and Furious means it isn't too fast, nor too furious, but just right. Among the cars featured you'll notice Vin Diesel's Chevelle SS, which we've seen… » 6/24/08 10:40am 6/24/08 10:40am