Factory Five Racing Launch '33 Coupe Kit

Massachusetts based kit car manufacturer Factory Five Racing unveiled their fourth model at their annual owners gathering, appropriately titled Moochfest '08. Our friend Nick was there to report, "On Saturday, FFR unveiled the most badass thing ever— their '33 Coupe. They were more than a little cagey about revealing… » 2/19/08 5:40pm 2/19/08 5:40pm

SEMA 2007: Factory Five Racing Unveils New GTM Show Car Ahead Of SEMA

The beans continue to spill on the custom and project cars we'll be seeing first hand this week at the SEMA show. The latest batch of over-baked legumes are these shots of Factory Five Racing's GTM show kit car. If you'll remember, the current GTM's a factory kit car built with bits and pieces of late model '97 to… » 10/27/07 1:45pm 10/27/07 1:45pm