FAA Warns of GPS Outages This Month During Mysterious Tests on the West Coast

Starting today, it appears the US military will be testing a device or devices that will potentially jam GPS signals for six hours each day. We say “appears” because officially the tests were announced by the FAA but are centered near the US Navy’s largest installation in the Mojave Desert. And the Navy won’t tell us…

Southwest Airlines Will Fly 128 Boeing 737s That Are Past Inspection

Southwest Airlines voluntarily grounded 128 Boeing 737-700 aircraft yesterday after they discovered the airplanes somehow managed to miss a required inspection for the backup hydraulic system for the rudder. The FAA has allowed the airline to continue to fly the aircraft for up to five days while they are checked.

We're Being Held Hostage From Safer Air Travel By Congress

The safety of operating drones of any type in commercial airspace has drown a lot of attention and criticism of late, but the biggest threat remains other planes flown by humans. The FAA has a plan to improve operations and safety, but they haven't found a way to cooperate with Congress to finalize and implement it.…