F1 Champ Sebastian Vettel raced for me when he was 17

A year before he became BMW’s test driver in Formula One, Sebastian Vettel raced for the Spanish team Racing Engineering in the Spanish Formula 3 Championship. Team owner Alfonso de Orleans-Borbón has recalled for us meeting the young man who would become Formula One’s youngest world champion. – Ed. » 12/06/11 4:00pm 12/06/11 4:00pm

BMW Bosses Greenlight New 3-Series Crossover, AutoWeek Says

AutoWeek sources have spoken. BMW bosses have greenlit a new crossover model based on the 3-Series platform. Reportedly to be dubbed F3, the new model will compete with the Mercedes B-Class, but will be sold in the US by decade's end. What's the point? Market research voodoo points to consumers' desire for… » 5/24/07 9:39am 5/24/07 9:39am