The Ferrari F12tdf Is A 770 HP Four-Wheel-Steering V12 Dream-Monster

Like most people, I’ve always felt the Ferrari F12berlinetta (I didn’t forget a space, that’s how they like the name) was a little too tame. I mean, only 740 HP? Acceleration that only slams your brains mostly out the back of your head? We deserve more. Happily, Ferrari listened, and now we have the Ferrari F12tdf. »10/13/15 8:55am10/13/15 8:55am

Ferrari F12berlinetta: The Fastest Ferrari Ever Built

This is it. The new Ferrari. And it's not called the Ferrari F620 GT. No, it's named the F12berlinetta. Yes, that's all one word. Whatever. Everyone's just gonna split those up and call it the "F12 Berlinetta." Or they'll call it the "F12." But who cares what it's called? We don't. All we — and you — should care about… »2/29/12 8:01am2/29/12 8:01am