How A Ford Concept Vehicle Became A Real-Life Tornado Rescue Truck

After unveiling its tough looking rescue themed show truck at the Chicago Auto Show in February, NewScope Marketing was ready to continue parading it around the country, looking tough. But then a tornado ripped through Arlington, Texas, and a local fire department needed all the help it could get cleaning up the mess. » 5/02/12 12:30pm 5/02/12 12:30pm

Virtually Indestructable Street Legal Ford F550

Right, so, this sucker has A9 armor plating (almost as butch as a tank) and a stonkin' PowerStroke turbo diesel which lets it go 105 mph. Perfect for taking the kids to soccer practice in Darfur. Expect fuel economy to be in the gallons per mile range. Hannibal, Murdock, BA and Face not included. [autoblog.nl] » 8/27/07 11:15am 8/27/07 11:15am

Broken! Ford Recalls Additional 1.2 Million Vehicles Due To Fire Risk

The hits just keep on coming today for FoMoCo. First it was the hiring of the M&A guy we talked about this morning in the Morning Shift for the Jaguar fire-sale job, then FoMoCo had to restate its earnings to the tune of an additional $120 million or so. Now FoMoCo's got one more entr e on its problematic plate, and… » 8/03/06 2:31pm 8/03/06 2:31pm