2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty: First Drive

The 2011 Ford Super Duty's a gamble. Ford's newest heavy hauler abandons the well-known Navistar-supplied Powerstroke diesel for a brand new all-Ford designed powerplant supposedly delivering monstrous power, squeaky-clean emissions, better fuel economy and the same price. Seems suspiciously impressive. » 3/08/10 12:00am 3/08/10 12:00am

NSFW: Ford F-350 Super Duty Versus A Horse

The other day we saw a gruesome display of Bambi meeting a Chevy Trailblazer at speed, and now oilburner ups the ante with a Ford F-350 SuperDuty taking down a horse. It's NOT-AT-ALL-SAFE-FOR-WORK! » 12/18/08 5:20pm 12/18/08 5:20pm