Lewis Hamilton Tells Esteban Gutiérrez That He's Number One With A Finger

There are a few ways that Formula One can inform a driver that there’s faster traffic behind him. One is with the traditional blue flag thrown by trackside marshals. Another, more desperate but more entertaining method, is for the overtaking driver to flip the bird as he blows by the slower car. Let’s watch!


Sebastian Vettel Calls F1's New Radio Rules 'Complete Bullshit' 

In response to a rules breach by Nico Rosberg and his team at the British Grand Prix, Formula One did the least logical thing they could—make even more rules, which four-time champion Sebastian Vettel reportedly called “bullshit.” For the sake of foul language in the cockpit, let’s hope he didn’t say it on the radio.

The Struggling Sauber F1 Team Is Someone Else's Problem Now

The Sauber Formula One team has been struggling with cash for a while, most notably at the beginning of last year, when they contracted more drivers than they had seats because if two drivers’ money is good, more drivers’ cash must be better. So, to avoid that, a Swiss investment firm called Longbow Finance SA just…


Meet The Honda-Thrashing Japanese Schoolgirl Who Dreams Of Being An F1 Driver

If you don’t know 18-year-old Koyama Miki (小山美姫), you’re far from alone, but it’s definitely ignorance you should correct. She’s in the Japanese Formula Four Championships and, like a lot of young racers, she’s gunning for a slot in F1. She’s good enough that Honda just let her thrash an S660 in a brand new commercial.