Circuit Of The Americas Still Hasn't Paid Formula One Hosting Fees: Report

A $33 million dollar hosting fee that was supposed to be paid ahead of last month’s Formula One United States Grand Prix has yet to be paid by Circuit of the Americas, according to a report published in the Austin American-Statesman. That fee was supposed to be paid ahead of the October 25 race date.
»11/19/15 6:43pm11/19/15 6:43pm


I Hope I Drive Before I Get Old - The Brief Story of GP Masters

The Grand Prix Masters - featuring some legendary single-seater drivers in equal cars - was a racing series that was destined for massive success but then ultimately went down the drain as most of the start-up initiatives in the motor racing community. Here’s the story of it all from those involved. »11/12/15 1:09pm11/12/15 1:09pm

Future Of Austin's F1 Race Reportedly In Jeopardy After Texas Cuts Its Contribution

While this year’s rain-soaked United States Grand Prix was indeed a thrilling race, it was not a good weekend for the event itself or its venue, Austin, Texas’ Circuit of the Americas. Horrendous weather meant F1 in Austin was “financially devastating” for COTA. Now the track has more bad news: Texas is reportedly… »11/10/15 8:57pm11/10/15 8:57pm

Sebastian Vettel Is The 2015 F1 World Champion Of Not Giving Any Fucks

Oh, what’s that you say? Lewis Hamilton is the 2015 Formula One world champion? He amassed the most “points?” Good for him, I suppose, let him enjoy the finest dish ware in all the land. This year’s real champ is Sebastian Vettel, who won by completely freeing himself of any fucks to give, and decided to just be… »11/03/15 9:10pm11/03/15 9:10pm

Bottas Gets A Little Revenge By Taking Räikkönen Out At F1 Mexican Grand Prix

Williams Formula One driver Valtteri Bottas cut across into a turn in Russia and was knocked out of position by Ferrari’s Kimi Räikkönen. While Kimi received a 30 second penalty for that, the incident cost Bottas a solid top ten finish in Russia. Now it’s Bottas’ turn to take the inside line and knock Räikkönen out of… »11/01/15 3:17pm11/01/15 3:17pm

Expect The F1 Mexican Grand Prix To Be Brutal On Engines

Everyone knows that rubber likes to stick to more rubber, and a brand new circuit like the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez is going to be slippery fun until some rubber gets laid down on the surface. What’s less obvious is the Mexican Grand Prix’s altitude — and what that means for Formula One’s turbo engines.
»11/01/15 1:57pm11/01/15 1:57pm

It Doesn't Even Matter That Button Sat Out F1 Mexican Grand Prix Qualifying

Poor Jenson Button. He already accrued a fifty-place grid penalty for doing two engine swaps in his McLaren Honda Formula One car over the course of the Mexican Grand Prix weekend. Now one of them has an issue they couldn’t diagnose before qualifying. Not that it matters. He’s starting from the back anyway.
»10/31/15 3:49pm10/31/15 3:49pm

Formula One Drivers Can Pretend To Wrestle With The Best Of 'Em

Regardless of whether you think wrestling is real or faked, let’s just say that this luchador puts up about as much resistance to Lewis Hamilton as Hamilton’s teammate did into turn 1 last weekend. You know what? It doesn’t matter. I am extremely entertained by it, anyway. Isn’t that what wrestling is all about?
»10/30/15 2:33pm10/30/15 2:33pm

Ferrari F1 Drivers Experience The World's Most Perfect Food In Mexico

I’m talking, of course, about the humble taco. Putting delicious edibles in an easy to hold tortilla is clearly the pinnacle of human invention. Mexican Ferrari test driver Esteban Gutiérrez sat down to teach his teammates key facts about his country (such as “tacos rule”) ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix. »10/29/15 6:01pm10/29/15 6:01pm

Soggy Austin Formula One Race Was 'Financially Devastating' For Organizers: Reports

Between getting hit with torrential downpours and Formula One’s decision to host the Mexican Grand Prix only a week later, Circuit of the Americas chairman Bobby Epstein told the Austin-American Statesman that the United States Grand Prix was “a financially devastating weekend for the company.” Ouch. »10/29/15 4:15pm10/29/15 4:15pm