Ezra Dyer Spotted in Vegas Acting Hipster-Esque

We make no secret of our love for the scribblings of one E. Dyer. One of the brightest, most warped minds on the American automotive scene today, we wish he'd write more so we could read more. Last weekend, while Bumbeck was in Vegas for Mopars at the Strip, he went up against Dyer in a drag race — Dyer in an SRT… » 3/28/06 7:56pm 3/28/06 7:56pm

Ezra Rode a Harley: The NY Times on the Ford F150 Harley Davidson

Our homeboy, Automobile writer Ezra Dyer got it on with the Gray Lady, penning a piece for the NY Times on Ford's cross-branded F150 Harley Davidson pickup. Obviously, ol' Ez was called in to add a dash of youthful color to the Times's notoriously wife-and-kids car reviews. His job (sure, he accepted it) was to… » 3/20/06 12:37pm 3/20/06 12:37pm